WOW Factor Sports

2023 WOW Team Registration - DANCE


We can't wait to see your WOW Factor at the 11th Annual WOW Factor Sports Cheer & Dance Championships at the Minneapolis Convention Center!


Within this registration you can provide preferred contact information, register your team(s), agree to the athlete waiver and submit online payment or choose to pay offline.


To pay in full through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover account information available. To pay later, select "pay offline" when you reach the shopping cart.


Once this registration is complete and your account is paid in full, you will be sent additional information and links to provide WOW your team roster, team music, team photo, program logo and competition day information.


Please let us know if you have ANY questions!


  • Information to have ready for a smooth registration process:
    • Total number of Competitive Athletes, Exhibition and/or Adaptive athletes in your program you are registering.
    • Number of athletes expected on each Team/groups Roster.
    • Division for each team/group.
  • The next screen will ask "Who Are You Registering", select existing profile or create a new one. After you hit "continue" we will begin asking for Program Information.
  •  Once you complete the Program Information, and Waiver page, you will be asked "How Would You Like to Proceed".  Select "Register a Team".
  • You will be asked, "Which Team Are You Registering", select a Team profile or create a new one by selecting "Another Team" and entering Team Name. Proceed by clicking  "Continue" to complete the Team Information page.
  • Keep selecting "Register Another Team" until all of your teams have been entered. Once complete, select "I'm Done" to move on to review your registration.
  • If all looks correct, click “Continue” to checkout.
  • Complete registration by providing CC payment or select Pay Offline.
  • Your registration is submitted to WOW when you reach the page titled "Registration Complete".


Please direct questions to:

WOW Factor Sports Ksana Mordick

WOW Factor Sports Ksana Mordick

Event Coordinator

Phone: 612-355-9251